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Previous Entry Sonic textureof my bedroom Nov. 7th, 2012 @ 10:09 pm Next Entry
There is a thoroughly entrancing sound in my world now. A soothing low rumble of white noise, like the distant sound of water rapids, or distant stormy surf on a beach.
The owners went for the new energy efficient furnace instead of the $600 repair to the ancient relic that used to sprawl over most of my laundry room. There is also the muffled resonance from the future of my bills becoming lower. They could only go down really...

My old friend left the city this morning.
In a demonstration of our sophisticated class and splendor, he sent me a picture where we are playing with our food at a sushi restaurant. He is reanimating the shrimp head on his pinky. It was so good to see him!
In my celebrating multiple days of Halloween, I was able to bring him out to a post Halloween party to meet a good handful of my friends out here too. It was a good night. In keeping in line with good things, Obama has won too!
Overall so much win I'm getting lulled into a happy sleep!
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